In BuenSalud always we advise our clients to keep a healthy lifestyle and follow a Mediterranean diet. Of course, to get it, it is essential that your dishes do not miss the key ingredient, olive oil extra virgin BuenSalud.

Best Mediterranean diet BuenSalud

The Mediterranean diet is based on vegetables, small amounts of meat and chicken, more servings of fruits, fresh vegetables, High-fiber foods, seafood.

But above all, the key ingredient and that can never be lacking in each of these dishes, is olive oil. One tablespoon should be consumed at lunch and another at dinner time.

What do you recommend in BuenSalud?

We want to help you to carry out a Mediterranean diet, because it is the best thing for your health. For it, from our shop we sell the best extra virgin olive oil, with which you can spice up your dishes and give them more flavor. And enjoy all the benefits of olive.

For breakfast we offer a few slices of fresh sourdough bread with a tablespoon of olive oil. Optionally you can add a pinch of salt, tomato, Serrano ham, cheese, etc. You can accompany with a coffee with skim milk or orange juice.

Following the Mediterranean diet planning, at lunchtime you can opt for a vegetable. For example, lentils. It is important that you consume at least 2 times a week. Preferably several pulses and essential ingredients such as potato, carrot, meat, etc. If you do not like anything legumes, with steaks with salad or a good fish will have successful.

For dinner, You can opt for a grilled vegetable and chicken fillet grilled. It is a rich dinner, light and very healthy. And the days you do not feel like making dinner, you can always resort to some whole grains or oats; since cereals are also very necessary for the body.

The Mediterranean diet is very complete; by allowing you to eat almost anything and in perspective. It only remains that accompany our AOVE and enjoy some delicious dishes.

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