In BuenSalud we care about your welfare and not only we offer the best olive oil, but we always try to answer all your major questions. Today, We discuss some of the curiosities and myths of Aove.

AOVE: What myths surrounding and curiosities?

main myths

AOVE fattening: one of the great myths chasing olive oil, It is fattening. Y, the truth, It is that this occurs if taken in large quantities, abusing it every day. Taking half a teaspoon a day will be consuming only 50 calories and you're giving a lot of flavor to your dishes. further, its benefits for the body makes it essential in your diet. You need it!

Raises cholesterol: AOVE increases good cholesterol and bad cholesterol transported to the liver for disposal. So its consumption decreases the risk of heart attack, for example.

Cooking with it is to waste: commonly it said to cooking with olive oil is to waste. But nevertheless, it is a product 100% natural and recommended, to give more flavor and nutrients to dishes.

Loses properties if heated: another of the great myths that surround the AOVE, It is the one that states that if heated loses properties. While it is true that some components evaporate heating, but not completely. It is still advisable.

Great curiosities of AOVE

Are needed 5 kilos of olives to extract 1 liter aove

Spain is the largest producer of AOVE

Greece consumes more oil per person than Spain and Italy combined

The word "oil" comes from the Arabic "Az-Zait" which means "olive juice"

Does the oil expires? Really, It is a preservative. Does not expire as such but become rancid and lose properties over time or if stored improperly.

The best oils are packaged in glass bottles to protect them from their main enemies: air and light

Now that you know some of the main sights and great myths of AOVE, what's your opinion about it? What surprised you most? Do you know of any that we have forgotten to mention?

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