The olivo It is an evergreen that although it is very resistant, care needs depending on time of year. If you talk about at the time AOVE benefits of BuenSalud, Today we share with you the Olive tree care in summer.

Caring olive tree in summer

The heat can wreak havoc on many trees in summer, especially if you live in areas of high temperatures. However, one of the advantages of evergreens as in the case of olivo, is that capable of withstanding high temperatures almost unperturbed.

The olive tree does not need much care or overwatering. Just you have to water it regularly as you would at any other time of year. Which it is an advantage over other trees.

How to know when I have to water the olive?

One advantage is that the olive tree "cries when it needs to be watered”. This is, in the moment in wich leaves begin to lose more often than usual. If that happens, means that the olive tree You need more water.

But it is important that you overwater neat way, without going. And should make sure that the ground around the olive tree is not waterlogged. Why is it so important latter? Because although it is very resistant, however its roots are very thin and tend to deteriorate to the minimum if this happens.

Almost finally, Also note that it is important to have sufficient lighting for several hours a day, so it will not be a problem if you let the sun. Will thank.

If you follow these basic care for the olive tree in summer certainly you have no problem to grow strong and healthy, and will last many years. because in addition, if cared for and lend the necessary attention could live up 1.000 years. It is an excellent choice for a garden.

Have you been to help our article? Remember if you want more information, you will also be interested to know what state you are the olive tree in summer. And remember to use our AOVE!

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