The olive tree is one of the most common trees in Spain, but also one of the most loved and pampered by farmers, as it has over 250 different varieties. Each of these variants offers a different olives, with its aroma and flavor. This is the reason that Spain, and especially our great province of Jaen, produce such a varied and rich oil.

A tree that offers both, also it requires special attention, ¿no? Precisely why it is important to implement some care in the olive after olive harvest, This is how we care from BuenSalud to offer the best AOVE!

Olive care after collection the olive

After the olive harvest, It is tremendously important perform a repair and treatment hardener tree. Over machines and waving olive rods, this is more exposed to certain diseases such as tuberculosis and bacteriosis.

It may also be more exposed to pests such as repilo, Fly of the olive tree, borer moth or, so it is important to fumigate planting to avoid infection.

Forgetting these two key points to the olive tree care after collection usually the reason for the vecería in olive, causing damage to the crop next year.

Fertilizer and irrigation in the olive after collection

There are many different opinions on when to collect the olive. Some experts believe that the best time is in mid-October or early November, Depending on the area where the olive is found.

After collection in autumn, a subscriber must be done in winter. It is highly recommended to use nitrogen-based products, potassium and phosphorus, although the amounts used vary depending on several factors. The most important thing is certainly spread the fertilizer around the trunk.

Another most important care we perform on the olive after olive harvest is the Pruned. We must prune the olive periodically, to allow the entry of sun, to grow in a balanced way and that air plant.

Take care of the olive tree after collection give us more likely to have a better crop next year.

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