Many people associate this tree with holiday, the Mediterranean Sea, and decide to plant it in their homes seeking that spirit, but it is also a very pretty tree, ¿no? 😀

If you live in South, and you have a warm climate, their care is almost nonexistent. You can plant it in the garden both, as in a container. During the summer you do not need to protect him from the sun as adore, and almost no need to give it away because with the rain water will suffice. However, If the leaves begin to fall, this will be a sign that the olive tree needs to be watered. Although it is not good to leave waterlogged because roots could rot fine.

further, the further south you live, more likely it is to get fruit.

On the contrary, If you live in a colder place, where frosts are common, and excessive rainfall, the olive tree should be planted in a pot and thus can be moved during the winter some frost-free.

With regard to planting, whether it is in garden or potted, the soil must be sandy, Y, If you decide to plant it in a pot, this should be as large as the treetop, thus ensuring that the roots have enough room.

With these tips, from BuenSalud we encourage you to plant your own olive tree,And you tell us how it's going to grow!

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