¿You want to be successful in buying olive oil? If you really want to make a good purchase and always be like this, we would like to share with you a few tips, because we want you to have a high quality product.


How to buy a good EVOO: tips

In BuenSalud we have become a benchmark in the commercialization of extra virgin olive oil. Thus, we want our customers not to buy any oil, but buy a good one, quality.

The purchase of extra virgin olive oil is not an expense, It's an investment. An investment in health and quality of life, because it is a product that is worth its weight in gold and is well worth it.

But, How to get it right when buying it? What to keep in mind? The next:

  • The label: our first tip, is that you take a good look at what the label says. There you will see written the type of oil it is (for example, Extra virgin olive oil, Virgin, olive oil dry, pomace ...). Please note that the highest quality is the first, the best, that's why it is normal that it is more expensive. So, choose it always, because it is the real EVOO.
  • Olive variety: this is another aspect to consider. Not all oils taste the same, and that is due to the different varieties of its flagship product. Thus, we can find that the Picual variety is different from the Arbequina or Royal. Keep that in mind.
  • Cold drawn: this characteristic reveals to us if we are facing a good product. And is that, When buying it, it is important to check if it appears that it has been extracted cold and following a mechanical procedure.
  • Harvest age or year: although it is said that the oil does not expire, if it is perishable (loses properties over time even if it is well preserved) and it is recommended to buy and consume from year to year. Thus, always check the date of the oil harvest before buying it.
  • Packing place: this symptom also reveals the quality of the product, which is always superior if it is produced and packed in the same place. It is a tip to avoid that the EVOO you buy comes from another geographical origin. Best always of our land.

following these tips you will get to buy quality EVOO, a product of our land, rich and essential in any diet. So, do not hesitate to take them into account when buying oil.

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