In BuenSalud we speak of the variety of oil, arbosana. Oil is considered a high stability and can not miss in your pantry. I Know:
variety Arbosana

If we talk about the origin of the olive trees of arbosana we have to go to the region of Penedes, between Barcelona and Tarragona. They are characterized by not resist the cold very well and bring bad times of drought.

Their plantations are usually given in hedges, so its density is higher than other varieties. They are regular in productivity and often give the same amount each season. further, the day 3 weeks after olive oil arbequina.

Nowadays, also it occurs in Jaen and being surrounded by picual usually give out exquisite. Its expansion is growing, so we want you to know.

How is it? With regard to taste, He is known for its sweet sour and spicy flavors; with an average and high pulling intensity notes. Is rather fruity medium with herbal and fruity aromatic notes. But in the mouth comes, at first, suave. Then, the taste stays, persistent.

It is a fruity aroma but less intense than the Arbequina. further, its rich oleic acid content makes it highly recommended for consumption.

How to consume? It is recommended especially raw, making it ideal for lettuce, tomatoes, pastas, vegetables, etc. As well as pastries, since it is considered as the perfect choice for this.

You can give an exquisite touch to many dishes and make them tastier, as a delicious salad with arugula and shrimp tails.

Olive oil is preferred for cold dishes. Partly, It is because it is early harvest and cold drawn. So it is ideal for those seeking sweet flavors but with character, They do not go unnoticed.

As a curiosity, arbosanas let you know that the olives are not to take table, because they are very small fruit with little pulp. But you see, in AOVE it is great, in baked goods or as a salad dressing and other.

What do you think this variety of oil? Will you try it? Do not hesitate.

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