In BuenSalud we not only offer you an excellent EVOO, but we like to keep you informed of everything related to this fantastic product. Today we tell you how and where the used oil is thrown away.

Waste oil: how and where to throw it

Did you know oil can be recycled? The truth is that yes, and other materials can come out of it. All that oil that you use and then don't use again can be recycled and give it a second life.

But, Where do you throw? At the clean point. Surely in your city or town there is a place known as a clean point and you can take it there.

How to prepare it to throw? The ideal, is wait for it to cool and then store it in a tightly closed glass container. When it's packed you can take it. However, some clean points prefer to use their own packaging, but you can always pour the oil there.

However, you may have other places closer to throw the olive oil that you will not use again. For example, there are supermarkets that collect used oil. You should take a look at those in your area.

Also in container areas there may be a specific one to put the used oil. They are quite frequent although not in all towns, so it is important that you check around your area to see if there are any.

If you do not have an oil container in the container area or in the supermarkets in your area, look for a clean and solved point. Word of mouth also works very well in these cases, maybe a neighbor knows another option.

You should keep in mind that cooking oil should not be mixed with other oils, such as motor or industrial grease. Then, manufacturers must take care of it. or the joints.

Now you know how and where to dispose of used oil, It only remains that you follow the steps that we give you in the article so that you can successfully recycle it and give it a second life. There are those who throw it in the toilet, but it's always better to recycle it.

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