The AOVE it's healthier than butter. For that reason, it is normal that you look for a way to replace this ingredient in your kitchen. In BuenSalud We give you some tips that will help you replace it and that everything works out for you:


Recipes with EVOO instead of butter: so you can easily replace it


It is common to find recipes that have butter or margarine. The truth, is that it is an ingredient widely used in the kitchen and we cannot deny that it is very rich. But it is not the best option in our desserts or in the kitchen in general..

The best that we can use in the form of fat to cook and give flavor and body to the dishes and desserts that we prepare, is a good extra virgin olive oil. But, How to make the change? How to replace it?

To get it right and that the replacement is the right one, you need to know the equivalence between oil and butter. For this reason, you should know that the oil to fat ratio is a 20% less, because oil has lipids and solidified fats have moisture, that's why we need less oil to have the equivalence.

So, if you have to put 100 grams of butter, you will simply have to put the 80% of oil. That is to say, you spend less oil than butter, 100 vs 80. And so on proportionally with any other figure.

Simply, When following the recipe, substitute the marked amount of butter for the 80%, but oil. So everything will be fine for you. Regardless of whether you convert between grams or ml.

Note that the taste or texture may change, but it's healthier. So yes, worth.

On the other hand, Also keep in mind that the flavor of the oil can be strong in certain foods or desserts in which butter is used, that is why we recommend you try different types of EVOO, until you find your favorite, with the one that best suits the flavor you are looking for.

Using the sunflower is not the best option. Although it is recommended for desserts, better a mild EVOO, with little flavor, so that the dessert can enjoy its benefits without changing its flavor.

If you have any other questions or concerns, remember that we are here to help you in everything you need. Visit our online store and find the ideal EVOO to replace butter in your recipes.




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