If you are passionate about olive oil from BuenSalud, sure you want to know what to combine each of the AOVE we offer. That is why we want to tell you how can you pair them, so that the dishes are great and enjoy all its properties and health benefits.

Marinate AOVE BuenSalud

First, you should know that a good extra virgin olive oil offers many possibilities. But nevertheless, when it comes to classifying them we have soft, intermediate and intense.

What to use each? Starting with Soft EVOO, It is a type of product that is sweet on the palate and is somewhat bitter and spicy. Some qualities that make it perfect with white fish, vegetables or cheeses. Also for the cake shop or to make sauces. For example, the Arbequina.

Let's say, this type of oil is especially soft and is ideal for all those dishes where we want the taste not to be too noticeable. But you can still enjoy its texture, properties and benefits.

Then we have the Intermediate EVOO. At this point we find an oil that reminds us of green or even ripe fruit and that have a higher bitterness and itchiness compared to soft oils..

When are intermediates used?? Ideal for flavored food, how can be meat, the sauces, the vegetables, etc. Being intermediate it works well in dishes that tend more towards mild flavors and towards stronger flavors, so it is widely used for general cooking.

Then, there is the Intense AOVE. Did you know that it is considered the healthiest? They taste stronger and look great on foods with strong flavors. In this case, we talk about grilled red meats, cured cheeses, prepared with garlic or onion, etc.

How to know which one to choose according to the food we prepare? The ideal is to have the different varieties at home and choose the one that best suits the food we are preparing. There are also people who only tolerate the soft, because the other types of EVOO are somewhat strong.

Which one is your favorite?

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