Wine, beer, bread ... everything you can do a tasting, and oil would not be less. Whether you are an expert or not, namely oil taste can be very useful, since oil, especially in Spain, we use it for all, Cook, dress, accompany ... and a good oil makes the difference, and if you do not believe, Try our! 😛

Because, I want to show you some tips to taste oil, to better appreciate the difference between various oils.

In a tasting senses are fundamental, but curiously the view, as professional tasters do not value the color. Smell the aroma used to identify, It usually cover the glass with oil for a few seconds or warm hands.

The want It's fundamental. In identifying flavors we can find different perceptions: palatable, others are depending on your intensity and which are unpalatable.

The palatable are: fruity, bitter and pungent. Which it depends on the intensity to be pleasant or not: Apple, dulce, grass, green leaves, bitter, rough, hot spicy, nutty, hay off or flat.

And finally, which they are unpleasant: esparto, land, viejo, worm, metal, mold-wetness, rancid, fusty, brine, orujo, soapy, Alpechin, winey-avinagrado, cucumber, Burned, heated, etc.

The absence of the negative aspects, of unpleasant perceptions, It is what characterizes the extra virgin olive oil, As BuenSalud!.

By last, touch the palate and tongue, It will help us assess the consistency of oils, coulding be: aqueous, fluid, soft and / or doughy.

In the tastings, It is recommended not to smoke or eat half an hour before starting, and not use perfumes or soaps that may interfere. You have to avoid lifting the lid of the vessel while it is not sniffing or drinking, and not give very big gulps. further, between oil and oil should use something that will help us resist the smells and tastes, as can be eat some apple, drinking water, or smell us clothes or hands.

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We hope you serve the information and will use it the next time you go to take oil!

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