If you want to avoid heart disease, the perfect duo seems to be the black chocolate with olive oil, as shown by recent studies. So if you love chocolate or black directly you are those who eat breakfast bread with EVOO, I fear from Buensalud We can give you good news, because we are facing two major allies for the heart.

black chocolate with olive oil, duo able to avoid cardiovascular disease in people

Recent studies conducted by Italian researchers have shown that the fact of taking black chocolate and olive oil could mitigate the risk of a cardiovascular problem. a perfect combination of face are considered to prevent such diseases.

Said second Rossella Di Stéfano cardiology at the University of Pisa, consume small daily doses of black chocolate with a good olive oil (as is our AOVE of BuenSalud), It is associated with a significant improvement in cardiovascular risk, so its consumption is very beneficial to the body. The key is to choose chocolate made with oil, what it is known as chocolate enriched with evoo.

How he managed to reach this conclusion?

The researchers analyzed the relationship between the consumption of extra virgin olive oil and black chocolate, and the development of atherosclerosis. This is a disease that hardens the arteries and affects people with cardiovascular risks. These tests were carried out in 14 men and 12 women (all smokers), with hypertension and cardiovascular diseases in history. They lasted a total of 28 days and they consisted of giving each participant 40 milligrams of pure chocolate, and half the chocolate containing a percentage of 10% of oil.

This result, could extract the oil increased the levels of endothelial progenitor cells (EPC), whose mission is to become blood vessels. So, EVOO and black chocolate, on the whole, can help preserve the reparative cells in people, EPC.

If you like black chocolate I am afraid that is very good news, because enriched virgin olive oil are advantages to the organism. Find out more about our AOVE in BuenSalud.

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