In BuenSalud We worry about what you eat, so we recommend using our AOVE in your dishes. But what are the characteristics of olive oil picual? Do you know? In today's article you the desvelaremos:

Olive oil picual: characteristics

The olive oil picual Oil is the variety most widespread in Spain. And it is mainly grown in the provinces of Jaén, Granada and Cordoba.

Among its main features compared to other varieties, we have the Bitterness and itching (the latter if the oil is young). further, if it comes from an early harvest, we find herbaceous aromas and fig, tomato, olive leaf, grass, etc.

Regarding properties of olive oil picual, We highlight its high oleic acid. Can reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and raise cholesterol (HDL). So, It is highly recommended for people with high cholesterol problems. High levels of polyphenols help reduce the oxidation of fats in the bloodstream.

As usual, It is said to be a oil body and powerful. presents high oleic acid (monoinsaturado) which in many cases can exceed 80 %. further, It has a low content of polyunsaturated acids. So, It is considered as one of the oils more stable to oxidation and rancidity olive.

Principal uses olive oil picual

Does your taste is strong? Intense? People who are not used to regularly take AOVE, you may notice it strong. But a small amount of this oil olive picual can completely transform your dishes. For something is the most used in the cooking at a high temperature, because it keeps its properties, regardless of how it is used.

Can be used for fried food or rebozados. Also for all kinds of stews or as a preservative for meats, meats, cheese, etc. further, can be used for salad dressings or spread on toast with tomato for breakfast or snack. Its uses are quite varied. What we do, We do not recommend using it in dishes with fish or mild flavors.

Now that you know picual olive oil is considered as one of the varieties of AOVE healthier, you have to try it! Buy our AOVE BuenSalud Picual and you fall in love!

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