It is not the first time that BuenSalud you talk about the different types of AOVE, because the truth, It is that there are many variants. Thus, Today we want to know all characteristics Arbequina olive oil. Maybe not the most popular type or consumed, but it is important to know how it is used.

Arbequina olive oil: characteristics

The Arbequina AOVE, It has this name because it is extracted from the olives that come from Arbequina olive. This is its main peculiarity, so taste and smell is different from other oils that you could consume before.

Among its main features, we must emphasize mainly its aroma. The smell of olive oil is Arbequine nice, as fruity. And remember to a mixture of apple, mint, freshly cut grass ... so it is a whole host of good feelings.

With regard to taste, olive oil is usually Arbequine sweet and soft. Not usually leave any 'bitter' remittance. So it generally goes pretty well and when consumed has a taste nutty taste, plus discreet touches green walnut and tomato.

Is usually mixed with other oils -Picual type- rich in oleic acid. And even polyphenols, in order to improve their properties and increase its stability against oxidation. So you can find it 'mixed'.

Why Arbequina olive oil is used?

As usual, consumption Arbequina olive oil is recommended salads. As we say, It has a taste and a pleasant aroma, so it feels very well in this type of raw dishes.

It is included curdles well in dressings and sauces, so their use can become varied. But yes, It is always avoided fritters, because it is a light oil and in those cases is always better to opt for one intense.

If you are interested in buying it, remember that you are available in different protected designations of origin, It is the main: Oil PDO Siurana, Estepa DOP and DOP Oil Sierra del Moncayo.

Now that you know the characteristics Arbequina olive oil there is only you try and tell us if you liked this variant of AOVE. Visit our online store and enjoy olive oil viren Extra Arbequina.

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