In BuenSalud not only we offer you AOVE great, but we also like to know where it comes from. Today, you discuss the characteristics of the variety Picual; one of the most popular and sold.

picual: know its characteristics

The picual It represents the most important variety of our country, with about 900.000 hectares. It's more, and only the olive groves of Jaén represents the 97% of the olive surface.

How is this oil? It is an oil medium quality but with a high oleic content. Likewise, It has a high photosynthetic efficiency, specifically, the most within the different types of varieties.

As for the characteristics, It stands out because it is more bitter. And if the oil is young, usually have a slight itching. You can say it is powerful and has a lot of body, so that, for many, It is a strong pulling oil.

Also highlights their aromas, as arable, Olive Leaf, grass, of tomato, etc. Very special flavors that make it particularly rich this variety.

Another noteworthy feature to, It is that Picual has a high content of monounsaturated oleic acid. Is, so, very stable oil olive regarding corrosion and rancidity.

From its characteristics, It is recommended for use in the kitchen high temperature. well being, ideal for people with high cholesterol, since its consumption causes a reduction in bad cholesterol (LDL) and increased cholesterol (HDL).

Main uses in the kitchen

How to use the AOVE picual to get the maximum performance? The ideal is to use it in fried food, in stews, as preservatives, to dress salads, for breakfast, etc. Let's say, It is perfect for use at high temperatures but also, It allows many other options, so we can use it for all.

We're, so, before one of the healthier varieties of AOVE it is possible to find at the moment to buy.

If you have not yet tested, we suggest you do to enjoy the full flavor. We hope you enjoy it!


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