In BuenSalud we want you to meet the features olive Frantoio, because this Italian variety native to the region of Tuscany olive tree is increasing its presence in Spain. So soon you might start hearing more about it. Know it:

Frantoio: characteristics

This variety of olive Frantoio has a AOVE high stability and excellent quality, which is particularly appreciated in Italy but also in the rest of the world.

Frantoio as such for a variety of olive oil mill or grinding. Its meaning is in Italian Oil mill (almazara) and it has a deep green color.

As for its features, It is a rustic variety and with good productivity, Since it is early production and also abundant. What we do, although it is tough, You need more hours of cold to get better production levels.

Frantoio olive tree is half bloom and pollen is autocompatible. It has medium vigor and crybaby porte, with a flat sheet of medium length and average width.

If we talk about diseases, It is of great tolerance and good resistance. But it is sensitive to repilo, tuberculosis, olive fly and cold.

Planting and maintenance can be said that it is simpler than other varieties of olive. further, has a good rooting capacity.

How is the AOVE Frantoio?

The extra virgin olive oil Frantoio has a taste and a very nice smell. The taste is fruity and combines bitter and spicy notes, so in the mouth reminds us of fresh grass, celery, rosemary or even almond, among others. Resulting in a rich and intensely.

What is recommended?

It is especially recommended AOVE for frying. So if you are looking for an alternative to your usual oil for frying, this alternative might be what you need to give another taste to your dishes.

Now that you know the characteristics Frantoio, If you feel interested you can try and tell us in the comments what you thought. Or even if you excel more about this variety. Y, If you have questions, We're all ears!

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