We like to give you the best so We work every day to bring you an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest quality. We work hard to make you get a product with the best characteristics of the market and do not want to fool with anything, That's why I want to explain how to recognize a good oil without being an expert taster, And you do not pig in a poke!

1. Or is extra virgin or not good oil

Oil the best features found in AOVEs, if not Extra Virgin, it sure is cheap (or should).

2. Cold processing

Unless temperature, higher quality. 27° C or less It is the ideal temperature at which the oil does not lose properties.

3. Do not get more than one year

Unlike with wine, older, worst.

4. Avoid the sun

The best oils are not only identified by a nice package. Oil, like wine, it breaks down at high temperatures, air and sun. Because, when a bottle container has a nice, Do not just think that they have worried about your marketing, if not its maker has been concerned about the quality of your product.

5. If it is very economical, Do not trust

As any product, its quality will be reflected directly in price. A good oil carries a great job behind, making increase the price.

6. Crisp and bright

If the color is turbid or off, It is not a good oil.

7. The olive oil does not know!

Table olives are not the olive. Good, yes they are, but they have a different process to that used to make oil, so this should not know olive.

8. Where is packed is very important

If the oil was packaged in its birthplace ensures quality.

9. If scratchy throat, it's good!

As we explain in our article on how to make a good tasting, one of the properties indicating that it is a quality oil is its itching. If you make you cough (or almost), it's good!

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