In a diet always we count calories to not to go and to lose weight or keep. And since the AOVE It is the basis of the dishes of the Mediterranean diet, the usual wonder olive oil calories. Today in BuenSalud we want to help you solve this doubt.

How many calories the AOVE

Calories olive oil are the following: 884 calories per 100 grams. So if you want to know how many calories a bottle, just you have to do a multiplication or rule of three.

However, although you may seem a priori that olive oil is high in calories, That's not entirely true. Aa tablespoon olive oil contains some 15 grams and are being a 135 calories.

If you compare the calories you may have skimmed yogurt (usually 50 calories container), you can look many. But keep in mind that AOVE gives a rich base plates and also contienand many important benefits for the body, It is therefore important to include in your diet and take daily.

It is said that olive oil is very caloric and therefore should not be consumed in excess. This is absolutely true. But it is calorie does not mean that you should give up their consumption, as olive oil is good calories.

How many tablespoons of EVOO take a day?

It is said that the most recommended is drink 3 tablespoons daily olive oil. Not good take many more nor less.

You can always take a spoonful in the morning with toast, one for lunch and one for dinner; because being the basis of the dishes, you need to throw it to the food to have flavor, substance, consistency and to enjoy all the benefits of consumption.

Note that even if you consume calories is essential. They are good calories; so that a couple of tablespoons of EVOO a day They do not sit wrong, Rather the complete opposite. What is not lacking in your diet!

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