like years ago, We opened the season olive harvest with the development of our Aoves selection of different varieties. Frantoio, Arbequina and the king of the house our Picual.

The bell 2018-2019 has already started!

We are optimistic about production and we are working closely together so that the end result exceeds the expectations of our customers.

Our Frantoio was the first to see the light. Then, He did our Arbequina and the jewel in the crown, Picual, It was who finished collecting our early evoo.

This campaign also will give a big surprise. We have new packaging! Una imagen fresca y llena de color que esperemos que os guste tanto como a nosotros.

Want to try our AOVE?

Soon we will communicate when our Aoves selection will be presented for different tastings. Will be different from previous campaigns, por lo que debéis estar atentos a nuestras redes.

Today the oil is so essential in the Mediterranean diet should not miss on the table or in the daily diet of people.

And remember, if you have any questions or feel curiosities ask any question regarding our AOVE, We're all ears.!

You can buy our Aoves Selection, on our web:

We will wait for you!

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