In BuenSalud We have been present at the V Festival First Oil.

This fifth edition has reached Úbeda, World Heritage City, and it has taken place on 24 Y 25 of November.

Hemos estado presentando AOVE our early harvest and the results have been very positive. This is how we have lived:

BuenSalud in oil V annual festival in Ubeda

In BuenSalud we have actively participated in the Annual Feast of First Oil Jaén, a great event that aims jiennenses extra virgin promote early harvest.

In this edition of 2018, V, first it took place in Úbeda. Of course, in BuenSalud we not want to miss anything and were present

No doubt that is a great opportunity to continue investing in the quality virgin olive oil. Jiennense olive oil has a great presence and is highly valued.

Its impact is so high that already participated last year alone almost 70 brands. And in this V Festival First Annual Oil Jaén forecasts have exceeded all expectations, also because many oil related activities were conducted and crafts, attracting different types of public.

So in BuenSalud We could not miss it for the world the opportunity to participate in this V Festival First Annual Oil Jaén. A business meeting between businessmen and representatives olive gastronomy, catering and tourism businesses in both cities.

In summary, we are very pleased to have been able to successfully present AOVE our early harvest.

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If you participated in the V Annual Festival Jaén First Oil, Tell us, What do you think? You can leave your comment.



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