Do you know the Benefits System Bag in Box? In BuenSalud we believe it is very important to have a suitable packaging than conventional containers. Thus, we want you to meet all its advantages, so you know why you should choose this package compared to other alternatives.

Benefits System Bag in Box

Bag in box system is not exactly new, but goes back to more than 50 years ago in U.S. But nevertheless, in Spain takes little more than 10 years, and it is now that you are opting for this package.

It is a reality that when adding products to the cart, we tend to looking at the packaging of the product before you buy it. When it is attractive, We tend to like more, as it enters the eye and may even seem to give better. But it prettier, you say it best.

So, What about the sistema bag in box? Why is better option? First, it is no coincidence that it has become fashionable recently, because we are facing a great container for oil.

It is a metallized bag que goes inside a cardboard box and having a small tap by leaving the drink. The beverage is packed under vacuum during all the time, and continues to be started even after.

One of the main advantages, It is that it helps protect the oil from the elements, as light, temperature changes, oxygen inlet, etc. So ideal to keep in good condition its content. In this way, even after opening, its content can be kept in better condition for longer.

Another of the benefits, It is a wrapper that is very easy to transport and store. So it is perfect for handling large quantities, thus saving space and, due, money.

further, There are different formats with different quality by price. So now you know the Benefits System bag in box, do not hesitate to consider. We hope you have served!

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