Often in BuenSalud you talk about the benefits it has for the body to consume AOVE. But what about the AOVE benefits for fibromyalgia? If you wonder what are, today we summarize the.

Olive oil benefits for fibromyalgia

Before talking about the benefits of consuming AOVE in patients with this chronic disease, let's look, What is fibromyalgia? It refers to a pain in muscles and fibrous tissue of the body (tendons and ligaments). Even so, It not considered a joint disease such as. But it affects a percentage between 2 and the 6 % population, being more visible in women.

There are foods that help reduce the sensation of pain caused by fibromyalgia, Being the olive oil one of them.

What are the benefits?

A study conducted by a team of researchers from the University of Jaén and Granada has determined that the AOVE has a positive influence on the disease Fibromyalgia(FM). It was published in the journal Biological Research Nursing and conclusion of the study is very interesting, because it can decrease lipid oxidation, proteins and DNA.

To carry out, It took a group of patients and were changed diet, incorporating various types of olive oil with various concentrations of antioxidants. This was done to see if it improved the damage caused by oxidative stress derived from this pathology

Thanks to the antioxidants AOVE, It can improve the symptoms of patients. significant improvements were seen in terms of functional capacity, performing daily activities and mental health.

Thus, Fibromyalgia patients should consume, always moderately and in perspective, olive oil, because their benefits have been demonstrated and can contribute positively to improving the health of these patients. Likewise, you can buy in our store, high quality.

So if you're a fibromyalgia patient, recalls that by consumer aove You can improve the oxidative parameters.

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