How good is the extra virgin olive oil for babies? This article will discuss the AOVE benefits in babies. Because you will be surprised to know each and every one of the advantages to smaller.

AOVE in babies: Why is it important consumption?

If you ever think about getting the AOVE your diet during pregnancy, do not do it! That would be a huge mistake, since this product It will help your baby to accumulate a larger amount of vitamin E during pregnancy.

AOVE consumption is necessary for both the mother and the newborn. So stay with the following information: a diet rich in AOVE It is beneficial for both. But let's see how to distribute:

first 6 months: During this time the baby can only drink milk. But if the mother consumes AOVE, the baby will be receiving.

following 6 months: the baby and start eating purees and already you can start giving more directly AOVE. You can add purees with a tablespoon oil (a low acidity) when you serve.

As the baby grows, you should follow the advice of the pediatrician. But the extra virgin olive oil must not be missing in your diet.

AOVE benefits for babies

The Extra virgin olive oil It is high in vitamins A, D, K and E. This type of vitamins helps improve the intellectual and physical development of people (also the smallest, especially during development). So as a result, It is transformed into a Healthier Life and with less risk of suffering a serious illness.

Another advantage is undoubtedly the oleic acid, which favors calcium absorption (which it is perfect for the growing season). further, consumption on a regular basis also improves digestion of children, avoiding any intestinal problems or constipation.

So, since BuenSalud We recommend consumption, for all the benefits to babies during the development stage and growth.

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