What is green oil and how is it made?


Green oil or olive oil from early harvest or first harvest, is considered the juice that is extracted from the youngest olives, they are green, hence the color. This extraction is done during October or November.

Assuming that food enters through the eyes, a type of oil like this draws attention. It is especially attractive and looks more authentic and natural. However, keep in mind that color is not a hallmark of quality.

Green oil as such, stands out for its fruitiness, it's more intense, it has more aroma, It is more bitter on the palate and even has a spicy touch. When it leaks, traces of moisture are removed and the color becomes more intense and bright.

So that, a greener or less color depends on natural pigments and solid matter. And we must bear in mind that they deteriorate over time, due to heat or light. Thus, it is very important to always choose a green oil that is well preserved.

So, Is this oil of good quality? Because of its color it is not known, it depends on the variety of the olive, the degree of maturation and the protection process. A picual oil tends to be greener than others, but the one that comes from green olives is always greener.

In a green EVOO, the pigments responsible for said color are chlorophylls. So that, if the olive is green chlorophylls predominate. From its juice it is directly extracted and this color is achieved. Of course, during the production phase olive leaves can be added to give it a greener tone.

Now that you know where the green oil, how about? Do you feel like trying it?


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