In BuenSalud we want you to know that not all oils are equal, but the extra virgin olive oil is the great unknown.

And is that on many occasions, when our customers will buy, they find that there are different types of oil. But the truth is that virgin olive oils are the only ones obtained directly from olives, based on physical and mechanical processes.

Extra virgin olive oil (AOVE)

The virgin olive oil as such, It is the great unknown, because it is not always present in shopping or meals daily.

What are the differences between the EVOO and virgin olive oil? Virgin oil may have imperfections, but usually they are not noticeable to the average citizen. While the AOVE is perfect, say no defects.

further, virgin oil is cheaper than the AOVE (and it contains the same properties), so in many cases it is used to it as an alternative.

How to use virgin oil?

The virgin olive oil is ideal for cooking, even for use in the fryer alternatively sunflower oil. As you can and should be used to make all kinds of fried: squids, chips, croquettes, sausages, etc.

You can always take home to use as an alternative to sunflower, Since it is much better and has more properties. In the end, we have no reason to always use a large AOVE, as there are meals that we notice no difference; and have the same properties, We can resort to virgin.

Why it is said to be the great unknown?

Because usually olive oil or virgin olive oil is said Extra, but not virgin olive oil. But now you know how; And that's what matters.

Remember that if you want to buy extra-virgin olive oil or virgin olive oil, in BuenSalud always find the best options. Feel free to visit our store, for you and to make a very special gift.

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