Do you know coupage olive oil? In BuenSalud not only sell you the best AOVE, but we always try to know everything about different varieties. Today we will discuss the characteristics of olive oil blend, how it is and why you should consider.

Olive oil blend and characteristics

The olive oil cutting it's like a mixture. Specifically, They are extra virgin olive oils that have been developed using different varieties of olives and also in different proporciones.Es important to clarify that the fact that different varieties are mixed does not make it worse oil, although a priori one might think of you. But through this procedure, oil has a lower quality, but rather the opposite, as it seeks to achieve better olive oil. Or what is the same, one AOVE with superior quality.

What types of coupage there?

The blend can be natural O manual. Natural blend comes from when different varieties in the same collection area and do not separate. On the other hand, the manual is when the producer uses intentionally to modify attributes of the oil and make it more attractive to the consumer.

In the market you can find different types of oils blend. There may be mixtures different varieties of olives for maximum quality and with very good properties, so it is important to consider.

What are its main characteristics?

The exact characteristics depend on the result of the mixture. But usually, is considered a type of oil higher quality, since the attributes to make it more attractive to the final consumer are modified. And even different varieties combine to achieve a unique olive juice. The goal is to get a AOVE extra quality point.

So if you want to try a premium AOVE, We recommend you try our cutting. Leaves no one indifferent and sure will surprise.

What do you think of the variety coupage? Convinces you? Did you know that was a mixture of higher quality before reading the article?

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