In BuenSalud we always enjoy the best AOVE, because it is a real treat for the palate. Thus, Today we want you to know Jaén Oil, a treasure for our senses.
Jaén oil, a treasure that you should know

Olive oil is universal Jaen; Since in this region produces more than 20% of all oil consumed day after day on the planet. Or what is the same, 1 decade 5 AOVE liter originates Jaen.

How is this oil?

For us it is a treasure. An extra virgin olive oil with an exceptional and unmatched quality. It is authentic and offers purity and superior quality. So I always recommend.

Oil Jaen is taste, It is health, It is culture, Mediterranean diet is ... your time with this oil will be very rich and can enjoy all the benefits of the product in just a tablespoon. Because it is a luxury for the body to all.

One of the basic products of the Mediterranean diet and the most important in the country, you can not miss in the kitchen.

Get started the day with AOVE Jaen!

For you load energy to 100% we recommend you start your day with a breakfast that will supply energy and vitality, such as a toast with a stream of olive oil.

Then, for meals and dinners for not missing, because not only will you give flavor to dishes, but you're taking care of your body. Because you deserve the best, The health always comes first!

In BuenSalud you will find the best extra virgin olive oil Jaen

If you want to try, in BuenSalud we offer the best AOVE. A rich product, great flavor and body to flavor all your dishes. further, He has won many awards, so that is recognized worldwide.

So when you go to buy oil, ⅕ recalls that comes from Jaén.

Like the AOVE Jaen? Did you know that the 20% production comes from our lands?

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