In BuenSalud we want you to know how to recycle used cooking oil, so in this article we will bring you some ideas that we hope will be helpful.

How to recycle used cooking oil: 3 ideas

homemade candles

One way to recycle is to create homemade candles. To do this you need a jar, a wire (basis for the wick), a cotton thread, cooking oil and 2 sandalwood oil drops.

What steps must be followed? Oil leaves the oil at rest for a few hours and then filter it. The following will prepare the candle wick, for it, wire used to make the base and tries to cotton yarn is held in the center. Once you have it, leaves the wire with the wire just cotton in the center of the jar and add the oil. By last, Add 2 sandalwood oil drops.

household detergent

If you want create a household detergent for laundry, You'll be able to do with used oil. You need one liter of used oil, 200 grams of caustic soda, 100 grams of lavender oil and 100 liters of water. Let's see how:

For security, starts putting plastic gloves and goggles. Now grab a bucket and add 5 liters of cold water. Add a little caustic soda and use a wooden stick to stir the mixture. Then pour used cooking oil while stirring. also adds lavender oil. Keep stirring constantly and be patient, because it is a process that takes about half an hour. Then let stand a whole day. past 24 hours, adds another 5 liters of water and stir again until it rests. Repeat the process for a couple of days. It will acquire the consistency of a soap.

collection point

If you do not want to develop a homemade soap or a scented candle, what you can do is store the used cooking oil and bring to a collection point and then proceed to recycling.

Sometimes, in supermarkets or beside the container found a "container" to carry oil. They're kind of "Special funnels to collect used oil". They engage in the bottle by a thread and you can easily empty. Keep that in mind if you have one in your city fenced.

Now you know how to recycle used cooking oil. We hope have helped!

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